SOAL UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas IV semester Ganjil

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SOAL UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas IV semester Ganjil

SOAL UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas IV semester Ganjil

I.Pilihlan jawaban yang benar!
1. 18   This is number …
  a. sixteen     b. seventeen        c. eighteen           d. nineteen
2. My…. Is Thomas.
a. name         b. hobby               c. school            d. address
3. Marry : “ It’s time to sleep. Good night, mom!”
    Mom   : …….., darling!
   a.good morning    b.good afternoon   c.good evening   d.good night
4. My cousin has….. books.
   a. a           b. an             c. many                 d. much
5. The correct spell of….    8
   a. eght       b. eigth         c. eight                   d. eihgt

(Untuk Soal nomor 6-10)
                Barry     : “Do you have a pet, Luke?”
                Luke      : “Yes, I do. Ihave three cats.”
                Barry     : “Really? What are their names?”
                Luke      : “Their names are ; Tom, joe, and Timmy.”
                Barry     : “I have a turtle, its name is Tutu. Its has green colour.”
6. What animal does Luke have?
    a. dog                b. turtle                c. bird                    d. cat
7. Luke has…. Cats.
   a. four                b. three                 c. two                    d. one
8. Based on the dialog, Barry has a….
   a. cat                  b. turtle                c. dog                    d. mouse
9. The names of Barry’s turtle is…….
   a. Tom               b. joe                    c. Timmy              d. Tutu
10.Tutu has …. colour.
   a. Grey              b. Black                 c. Green               d. White
11. I need …… sugar.
   a. many             b. much                c. an                       d. a
12. A: “What is your name?”
      B : “ My name is …., I spell my name /ai-em-ei/”
   a.Ima                  b. Ami                   c. Emi                    d. Ema
13. Jack   : “I think it’s time to go now, good bye, Rose!”
      Rose : “ ….., Jack!”
    a.Good night  b. Good bye       c. Good morning              d. Good afternoon
14.hobby – is – My – reading
   a. My hobby reading is               c. My hobby is reading
   b. My reading is hobby               d. Reading my hobby is
15. Mia  : “How are you today?”
      Vey  : “ ….., Mia.”
    a.Thank you   b. I’m Vey      c. Fine, thanks     d. Ok. Good bye

(Untuk soal nomor  16-20)
Good morning, friends! My name is Louis. This is my class. There are seven books on the teacher’s desk. There is a map beside a blackboard. There are two pictures above the blackboard. There are twenty four tables and fourty eight chairs in my class.
16. Where is the boy? He is in the…
     a. house          b. class                  c. canteen           d. mall
17. There are …. Books.
     a. five               b. six                    c. seven              d. eight
18. The map is beside a….
     a. book            b. picture             c. table                 d. blackboard
19. How many pictures are there? There are …. pictures.
     a. one              b. two                  c. three                 d. four
20. There are …. Tables in Louis class.
    a. one               b. seven               c. twenty four   d. fourty eight

II. Isilah titik-titik di bawah ini !
21. Mr. Bean      : “Good morning, David!”
      David               : “……………, Mr. Bean!”
22. I …….. in Bekasi.

23. 21    What number is it? It is number ………
24. (+)   : “ ………. Old are you?”
       (-)    : “ I am ten years old.”
25. How …… balls do you have?

SOAL UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 4 semester 1

(Untuk soal nomor 26-30)
Hello! My name is Jane Caroline. I am a student of Royal King elementary school. I am nine years old. I live in Florida. My hobby is singing.
26. The girl’s name is ………
27. Jane is a student of ……………. Elementary school.
28. She is …….. years old.
29. Jane lives in ……………
30. What is Jane’s hobby? Her hobby is ………

III. Jawablah soal-soal di bawah ini!
31. Write the spell of this name! “SHANIA”
32. Rearrange the word!  “ am – years – I – ten – old “

SOAL UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 4 semester Ganjil

( Untuk soal nomor 33-34)
I am Nicholas Gene Carter. My friends call me Nick. I come from Florida. My hobbies are singing, dancing, and palying drum.
33. What is his complete name?
34. What are Nick’s hobbies?
35. Mention three kinds of thing in your class!

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